What does Digital Media Look Like in 2021

These days a lot of business’s utilize social media, but are they really being ‘social’. If they are not engaging their customers they are failing to create a two-way communication between themselves and their potential clientele.

Agency Relationships – Myth vs Reality

Considering partnering with an advertising agency is a big decision for any company. You’re going to want an agency that strives something more than a vendor-client association, you want an agency that is looking to make a partnership with your company just like a marriage.

Corona Virus and It’s Impact

Our hearts are with our industry partners as we face the challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak. Like all of you, we are striving to respond to the situation with as little disruption as possible. We remain confident in America’s entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity to move us past our current hurdles.

Marketing Trends for 2020

As we’re rapidly approaching the end of the year, it’s a great time to look ahead at where we’re going and the marketing trends we’re likely to see more of in 2020. I’ve already touched on how we can expect marketing to evolve on a strategic level, and in this article, I’ll be looking in more detail at some of the specific trends to look out for.